Daily Meditation with Taylor Godber

A daily meditation practice has helped me create space.

It’s embossed as a habit in my lifestyle that allows me to live more mindfully and with more joy. I can’t imagine a day without it; what started as a commitment to 10 minutes, has turned into a daily 20, often 40 or 60 minutes sprinkled throughout the day. It’s a ritual that continues to help me strengthen the ability to drop into sensations felt over stories. Less overthinking, more being.

Some days I’m able to land in the present moment of peace in the first few minutes, other times (more often than not) I spend the session witnessing thoughts show up and observing sensations in the physical body pop-up and swirl around and bubble away as they do. It’s a practice of witnessing without judgement, of holding space for oneself in a calm compassionate way, the same way that a loving friend would hold for someone near and dear to them. It’s a form of self-love. And so much more. 

Time on the meditation cushion has become one of the most potent medicines for creating space in my entire being and that spills over into all the moments of movement in life.


More space to,

sit and really enjoy food.  

to be conscious of 

what we are putting in our bellies 

& where it came from. 


More space to listen to the words in a conversation 

with a friend,

to really truly engage with time spent 

with our partners. 

To choose our words before we react. 


More space to let the creativity flow through whatever 

medium we choose. 


More space to be empathetic and compassionate 

to everything 

living around us. 

To forgive ourselves 

and others. 

To let go senseless freezing fears. 


More space to 


every step, 

every turn, 

every glide, 

every paddle,

every wave. 


More space to not take things, 

so seriously. 

to let go 

of limiting beliefs 

holding us back from 



More space to enjoy all the incredible experiences 

this life has to offer

And to handle the unfortunate stuff 

with as much ease 

and grace as possible. 


Couldn’t we all use a little more wiggle room.

To be here now.


Start the new year off on the right beat, hit play, calm your mind and relax. 

Enjoy this playlist curated by Taylor

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