Costa Rica | Searching Sans Reception

The surf report had promised us non-stop swell. Even with masks over our faces the whole time, we couldn't hide the smiles. We were finally getting back into some warm waves. Down below we could spot the occasional boats and stared at the calm clear water. 

We snagged a late model Land Cruiser from some friends, threw our gear in, and headed straight for the beach. For once, Surfline was correct, it was pumping. One of the benefits of leaving the more crowded spots is barrels with just you and your friends. These days it's getting much harder because of exactly what we were doing, traveling. The irony definitely hits, but it's worth it to get to some uncrowded waves. Sunset crept up lazily with its surreal oranges on the skyline. Exhausted we swam in with smiles cemented on our faces. Day 1 was a success and if it was any forecast, life was about to be pretty damn all right. 

We jumped in the truck the next day to check out Santa Teresa, super legit zone. We also got out of town to some more remote waterfalls, the roar of which was only matched by the chorus of locals, the monkeys high in the canopy. All bark and no bite, they're actually pretty mellow to be around.


Our final days found us scrambling to get one last session in the water as the waves were still firing. Getting an entire trip with consistent swell is the dream. It was so damn good! We had a tough time getting out.