Mint+Cucumber 4-pack
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The fizzy blend of zesty cucumber and a sparkle of chilled mint will soothe your soul into a calm bliss.The combination to refresh and satisfy.

Aprch beverages were created to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. The hemp extract used in Aprch is carefully sourced and extracted to include all the potential benefits without any unwanted flavors or aftertastes. Each can of Aprch features 25mg of Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, L-Theanine and Vitamin C. This caffeine free beverage is perfect for those looking to support their overall wellbeing, without any unwanted side effects.

Ingredients: Filtered Carbonated Water, L-Theanine Powder, Monk Fruit Extract (No Erythritol), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Natural Flavors, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD)