Lab Results

We take pride in making the highest quality products available. We test for quality on every production run and validate the results with certificates of analysis from third party labs. Having quality, reliable products is something we take very seriously.

Below are published lab results measuring active cannabidiol content, verifying the lack of THC and testing for contaminates like heavy metals and pesticides. All of our beverages are produced using the highest quality hemp extract available, here are the latest test results of the bulk hemp extract ingredient:





Every production run of Aprch is tested by an independent third-party lab (Green Leaf Labs & ProVerde Labs). All stated, and claimed mg dosage is within 10%-15% variance due to testing irregularities. To be as transparent as possible, we will always have our latest test results available to you.
Our latest results are below: 
Batch 49 
Batch 51
Batch 53
Batch 55
Batch 62
Batch 64
Batch 65
Batch 66