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The Aprch Partner Project is a collaborative initiative that brings together leading brands and delivers passion-driven, special edition Aprch CBD Sparkling Water cans through a focused and iterative process. 

Smith Optics-CBD water

1st Edition SMITH + Aprch

The limited edition #WeRunCold cans are a tribute to SMITH’s #WeRunCold winter campaign celebrating the thrill of long ascents and socked in days in pursuit of the next great line, no matter how cold it gets. The #WeRunCold limited edition cans are a refreshing way to après ski or snowboard without alcohol.

Buzzcutt + Aprch CBD beverages

2nd EditionBuzzCutt + Aprch

The 2nd edition of the Aprch Partner Project. A limited edition can with BuzzCutt, BuzzCutt empowers users to effortlessly locate non-alcoholic mocktails, CBD-infused drinks, and other alcohol-free options by simply inputting their ZIP code, and the app will display a list of bars and restaurants in their vicinity offering these exciting alternatives.

Buzzcutt + Aprch CBD drinks