Enjoy a new way to unwind. 


Our Approach.

Welcome to Aprch™ (ap•proach), where we find inspiration in adventure, art, music, integrity, health, community, and the beauty of the outdoors. Based in Oregon, we're lucky to be surrounded by stunning landscapes. We love exploring and being part of nature, which led us to create Aprch. Our goal is to support an active lifestyle, offering beverages that help you relax and reset.

Our drinks are carefully crafted with 25mg of CBD (Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract), L-Theanine, and Vitamin C. Mindfully made without alcohol, and enhanced with stress-relieving ingredients for your optimal well-being. And here’s the bonus: zero calories, zero sugar, zero sodium and zero THC.

Since our inception in 2019, our beverages have garnered recognition and are now accessible in various states and regions.Trust our expertise in crafting delicious relaxation beverages. 

Embrace a fresh approach to unwinding with Aprch.


Wellness Redefined.

At Aprch, we're all about making your day better by giving you a drink that helps you relax and feel good. While there are lots of drinks full of sugar, loaded with isolate and plain sparkling waters out there, we noticed there wasn't much for people who want something to chill with, without the effects of alcohol or THC. That's where Aprch comes in. Our drinks are made with high quality ingredients, at an affordable price. Plus, they've got good stuff like vitamins, amino acids, and broad spectrum CBD to help you feel your best.

Crafting Quality.

Committed to quality, we put a lot of effort into making drinks that are both functional and taste amazing. Honest, creative, and eco-friendly, we're not just about drinks – we're about a whole way of living. From personal experience we know taking time to unwind can make life better, and we want to make your moments even more enjoyable.

Inspiring Mindful Living.

We draw inspiration from exploration, art, music, nature, seasons and wellness. Our aim is to inspire people to live mindfully and savor life's moments. We strive to reflect this in all our endeavors.